National Cowboy Hall of Fame Senior Session | Macy

I always ask my seniors to come to their session with props that reflect their personality. Well last week, Macy came to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame gardens with a big floppy hat, a fur coat, and a flower crown that she made herself and I immediately knew it was going to be a fun session!

Macy is full of energy and sass and we had a blast walking through the gardens on Saturday. The weather was beautiful, Macy looked amazing and the sun came through the trees perfectly!



I love this blue dress that she wore! It was the perfect color amongst the flowers..



This. Coat. I’m so glad she brought it because it made her photos that much more elegant and fun!



I am really thankful to have amazing clients like Macy that are down to do some crazy things during their session for a cool photo. There was a beautiful stream in the middle of the garden and we took advantage of that! Macy wanted photos by the stream, but I did her one better. I had her take off her shoes and stand in the stream. Weird? Maybe. But when I asked her, she didn’t miss a beat and jumped right in. And I love how the photos turned out!



Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take photos where the paintings were hung, but we did get to go inside for some edgy photos in one of the lobbies. These photos were a little bit of a challenge for me but I loved how they turned out.



Macy showed up with this huge, beautiful flower crown that she made herself. Yes, she made it herself. Macy’s free spirit shown through in all of these shots!



Thank you, Macy, for being the elegant and free spirit that you are and being willing to do some crazy things during your session. I loved creating these images with you! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

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