My photography is natural, real, romantic, soft, and elegant. My goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere where my couples can do what comes naturally to them, because that’s what produces the most authentic photos. I am engaging behind the camera, subtly directing you to create a fun experience and capture the joyful, natural moments between you. Your engagement and wedding photos should look and feel like you!

The most beautiful photographs come from the moments between the poses - the glances and soft touches...


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With emotions, heartbeats, and adrenaline beating like you’ve never felt before, you can’t be expected to remember it all. The cake will be a sweet memory tomorrow and the warmth of your first dance will soon fade. You want to be certain that your wedding day will be a night you will never forget.  


wedding collections begin at $3,000  |   portrait sessions begin at $650

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what is your photography style? 

how does film work? 

DO YOU shoot film & digital? 

do you use backup gear?

I incorporate a heavy amount of artistry and detail into my work, however, I take a documentary approach on the wedding day. I love working with couples who share my love for natural light and a fine art aesthetic. My main goal is to capture those joyful and romantic moments in the most natural way possible.

Yes! I am a hybrid photographer, which means I shoot film & digital. For portrait sessions, I shoot film only. During the wedding day, I will use mostly film and shoot digital when it may produce a better result like in low light situations.

Yes! I always bring a backup camera body, several cards and lots of film just in case anything should happen.

During a session or wedding day, I'll load individual rolls of film into the camera. Afterwards, I send those rolls to a lab who develops the film and sends me digital scans. Then I send you an online gallery full of the high-resolution digital images. 

do you travel?

When can we expect our images?

i don't know what to wear. or what to do with my hair. or what to bring on the wedding day. can you help? 

do you photograph anniversary and couple sessions? elopements?

Yes, I do! Travel fees are included in my pricing, so please let me know if you are out of the Oklahoma City area. No destination is too far! 

Absolutely! When you book, I will have several resources for you so that you can feel confident and relaxed going into your engagement session and wedding day. I also have many tips and resources on my blog that you might find useful during your engagement experience!

I sure do! Anniversary and couple sessions are some of my favorites to shoot. Elopements too! I love when couples choose a more intimate ceremony. Check out my Portraits gallery to see some of these kinds of sessions.

You will receive your wedding images within 5-6 weeks. Portrait sessions take 2-3 weeks. But of course, I will get them to you sooner if possible!

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