Frequently asked questions

I want you to feel confident about your wedding investments. This is a list of common questions, but if you have any additional questions, please fill out the contact form or email me directly to schedule a call! 

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what is your photography approach? 

I incorporate a heavy amount of artistry and detail into my work, however, I take a documentary approach on the wedding day. I love working with couples who share my love for natural light and a fine art aesthetic. My main goal is to capture those joyful and romantic moments in the most natural way possible. To do so, I have a very hands-on approach to the wedding day timeline to ensure that you have the best natural light for your day. I like to work closely with your planners and designers to give you plenty of time for all of the gorgeous portraits, details and family photos you will need. 

DO YOU shoot film or digital? 

I am a hybrid photographer, which means I shoot film & digital. For portrait sessions, I shoot film only. During the wedding day, I will use mostly film and shoot digital when it may produce a better result like in low light situations or high speed situations.

How do I confirm my wedding date?

First, contact me and I will send you a custom proposal based on your wedding day details. We can hop on a phone call or meet in person to discuss all your options. Once you choose a collection from your proposal, I will craft a contract for you to review. In order to make sure your date remains available, I ask that you sign within a week. After you sign and pay the 50% retainer, you are booked! Pop the champagne! The rest of your payment is due 3 weeks before your wedding date.

Is travel included in your pricing?

Travel is included in my collections. I will need to know all of the details of your wedding day to estimate travel costs into your total pricing. For destination weddings, more details might be needed.

Do you work with a second shooter?

Yes. I always bring a second shooter with me on wedding days. I have a list of trusted photographers that I work with often. My second shooter will assist me throughout the day, roll film, carry gear, and take photos of the groom while getting ready. They will also take additional photos during the ceremony, reception, and other pivotal moments. 

What happens if you get sick?

In the unlikely event that I get sick or there's an emergency that hinders me from photographing your wedding I will do my best to secure a replacement photographer of an equivalent caliber and style. Or if you so choose, I can return your investment in full and you can make your own arrangements. This information is in the contract that you will sign.

How many images will we receive?

You can count on about 70-100 final photos per hour of coverage. 

When will we receive our images?

I take care to curate all of your images thoroughly. Film is not the fastest medium, but I guarantee your online gallery to you in 4-5 weeks from your wedding date. 

How does wedding album designing work?

If an heirloom wedding album is included in your collection, you will get a first draft of your album in the form of a slideshow 8 weeks after your gallery has been delivered. I custom design your wedding album to tell the story of. your entire wedding day. Once you receive your first draft, you can make comments and edits to the album. You'll be able to make 3 total rounds of changes and make any additions to your album selection including cover type. Once ordered, you'll receive your final album in 4-5 weeks.

Do you use backup gear?

Yes. I always bring a backup camera body, extra batteries and lenses, extra memory cards and lots of film just in case anything should happen.


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